Disney Springs Boat Hours/Schedule

Hi, We have dinner reservations at Olivia’s on a Friday night and are thinking of leaving our car there and taking boat transportation to Disney Springs. But wonder what time boat stops running back to Old Key West. Does anyone know or know where I can get that info?Thanks!

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I don’t know if its the same for all the boats from Disney Springs, but when we were at POFQ in December, the last boat out of DS was 11:00. The schedules may change for different times of year. I’d guess the resort could get you up to date information.

Thanks, I’ll ck with the resort.

I just chatted with Disney Guest Services and they said boats should run until 11:30 pm and busses until 2:00 am. We aren’t night owls so we should be fine!

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Hi! We are home and had a wonderful trip! We parked at Old Key West, had a great meal and took boat to Disney Springs with no problems. The only issue and not really one for us, but the location for the ride back from Disney Springs - same place as drop off - is the same location for other resorts and you have to know the color flag and listen to which resort is boarding. It was fairly crowded when we got on and we could hear, but if really busy and loud I can see it might be confusing for some.