Disney short: Music Land

Hey all,

This isn’t park related, but… does anyone know which Disney movie (diamond edition) included the 1935 short Silly Symphonies: Music Land?


Check out the DVD titled “Make Mine Music (Disney Gold Classic Collection)”. It includes the short you are looking for. It is available on Amazon for about $10.

Thank you… however the reason I ask is that we already have it… somewhere. We have a fleet of Disney releases, and can’t locate it.

I found a website that indicated this “Music Land” short may be contained on the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 3 disc blue ray + DVD combo pack and the Beauty and the Beast 3 disc blue ray + DVD combo pack. These were the only main Disney movie DVDs listed for this short. Hope this helps with your search.

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Awesome, thanks!!! Found it in Snow White. Talk about buried and hard to find. You have to go into the second disc, go into a specific documentary, play through several “windows” until you get to a certain part… and even then it’s easy to miss.