Disney seems to have lost one of our tickets

I’m not even sure if anyone can help on here, but am hoping for some tips…
We have 6 park tickets purchased, but in the process of linking those tickets, 1 has disappeared and only now showing 5 instead of 6.
I have tried so many ways of reaching Disney, but with hold times of over 3 hours (when they don’t have a toll free #) and 2 emails that have gone unanswered after 3 weeks and no one responding to chat messages, I am at a total loss of what to do.
Has anyone had a similar experience? I’m nervous to assign any of the tickets because we are a party of 6 and I don’t want to loose anymore of them.

This might sound weird but have you already linked a ticket? And if so is it possible that it’s linked to someone that has an MDE account and they are not sharing all their MDE information with you? I asked this only because I recently link my daughters ticket and I could not see her ticket in my account after doing that. Turns out it was in her account but she didn’t have sharing mode on so I couldn’t tell that. I really thought I had lost the ticket.


This is what I was thinking too. So not weird at all, very plausible.
Next thought was to try to re link tickets to MDE but that may have already been tried…

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True. It’s probably not that weird. Maybe it was more weird for me that my child wasn’t sharing her Disney plans with me though.:joy:


Lol, it is! I’ve shared with other family and friends. Some of the friends I could only see certain things too. Not on purpose, we just didn’t know it was set up that way.

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Thank you so much @Dreamer. I was finally able to get in touch with someone over MDE in-app messaging. Unfortunately, it seems that we will have to be in contact with someone over the phone, as the ticket prices have increased and they can ONLY rectify that over the phone… I’m trying this morning but keep getting an all circuits are busy. Getting ahold of Disney via phone is worse than standing in line at ROTR for 3 hours to only have the ride break down when you get to the front of the line :rofl:


Ugh. I’m sorry it wasn’t an easy fix. Calling is such a pain.

It is… been on hold for over 4 and a half hours… my ears are bleeding from having to listen to “it’s a small world” for the 5th time :rofl:

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At least it’s not 5 times each hour…


So ridiculous. I’m sorry.