Disney riveria room request

looking at resort map it looks like the lobby is on 2nd floor, is it?
is main entraince on floor 1 or 2 then lobby right after?
I wanted ground floor / floor 1 but if lobby isn’t on that floor I don’t know if I do

The lobby is on the second floor through the main entrance doors.
The first floor has the fitness center and the quick service restaurant.

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Have you stayed here?

No, but I just returned from a stay this week at CBR. My room was closer to Riviera so I went there to eat and to take the Skyliner (and I actually took the bus from MK to Riviera one night). But I haven’t seen the rooms.

We are staying there the first week in March (which I think is going to be crowded) and I am anxious to hear of people’s experiences. How was the bus transportation from MK?

I probably waited 15 minutes for the bus from MK to Riviera. It wasn’t bad. The Skyliner is fabulous–so easy to get to Epcot. Getting to HS wasn’t too bad but it did require a transfer.

We are used to no crowd at the IG Epcot entrance. Was it crowded when you were there because of the skyliner?

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Definitely more crowded now that the Skyliner is open. But my waits were never too long at the IG entrance and still much better than the main entrance.

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a skyline transfer?

hmmmm ok , I wanted ground floor for easy in & out now I have to rethink, any opinion on that?

Yes. You have to transfer at the CBR station to get to HS. No transfer needed to go to Epcot.

I guess it depends on what you want easy access to. The second floor (ie lobby floor) is easy access to the bus stop and parking lot. There is also a little cafe/lounge on the second floor. The first floor is easy access to the pool, the QS and is the level to access the Skyliner (although I think there may be a way to go out the main entrance on the second floor and go around the front of the resort to get to the Skyliner).

How long did it take to get to HS on skyliner

It only took about 15 minutes. You do have to transfer at CBR but there was never much of a line for HS. Coming back took longer–there was always a line (about 10 minutes) at the CBR station to Riviera (I guess because it was headed toward Epcot?) Once I just got off at CBR and walked instead of waiting in the line. Overall though it was quick (better than the bus).