Disney Rewards Visa

Is the Disney visa worth it? Do you find it saves you money? Have the opportunity to get $100 credit and a free castle. Would use to buy my annual pass? Thoughts if it’s worth it

I would totally do it for the castle :grinning:
I like mine for the special meet and greets. Sometimes you get special discounts or slightly different booking dates than the general public for the special offers.

I’ve had a Disney Visa card for a few years now, and I love it. I use it for almost all of my purchases, so I rack up the Dream Dollars pretty quickly. We’ve used the funds for our hotel room once and toward APs another time. A couple of years ago we decided to upgrade to the Premiere version of the card, which gives more rewards and also allows us to use our Dream Dollars toward airfare, which we have done for our upcoming trip. The downside with the Premiere card is that it has a fee of $49 per year, so you would need to make sure that you’re using it enough to make it worth it.

You can also get discounts at some restaurants at WDW and DLR and for tours. You also sometimes get a discount for Disney shopping. At the stores in WDW I think you get a 10 percent discount on purchases over $50.00. Unfortunately, on our last trip there we made several purchases that totaled less than $50, so we didn’t get the discount (except on one purchase from a CM who sneaked it through).

There are definitely other credit cards out there with better rewards, so you might shop around a bit. Personally, I like the Disney theming on the cards. My DW and I always get comments from the people who take our cards to scan them.

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Is this the no fee one? I have one for the benefits and I have used it for over 10 years. I think there are much better cards with fees (southwest). I just got a flyer for a $200 credit for new people so I think maybe you should look around for that!

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In 5 years with the card I’ve actually only used my points for a Disney purchase once, to pay for an upgrade to the deluxe dining plan from the free one but I do use the Premier airfare credit benefit quite often… I don’t like being tied to a particular airline if I want to use points, so the statement credit is perfect for me. I do have a Chase Sapphire card, which lets you buy airfare with points outright at a rate of 1.25 cents/point but that’s one of the least efficient uses of Ultimate Rewards points.

Me too! People notice the Sorcerer Mickey design, and are tickled to see that the design continues on the back side of the card.

It’s a toss up for me. We got one originally for the $200 gift card, but honestly even putting our bills on it we just didn’t feel like the points added up very quickly. At a 1% return rate you have to spend a lot on it to get any real benefits. This year we changed to Chase’s southwest card for the 50K free miles and we’ve already earned enough for another flight after this year’s Disney trip.


I really only use it for Disney spending, groceries, dining, and gas, which are all bonus 2% categories.