Disney Restaurant - Birthday Cake

Hi all - we are traveling mid-November 2019, and we tried to order a cake to celebrate a birthday as we had done in the past. It seems they have changed this option and attempted to simplify by only offering a chocolate mickey head style cake. Does anyone know if restaurants would allow Disney property cake to be brought in? For instance, if we go to disney springs or the boardwalk bakery could we just bring this along. I don’t think my little one would be too excited about what they offered. Appreciate any recent experiences on this!

I’m not a fan of this change either. We used to get our DD a traditional cake with her choice of character brought to our table at the ADR we picked for her b-day.

Disney doesn’t mind if you bring outside food & drink into the parks. They just don’t allow loose ice or hard sided coolers.

Yeah. This is really a bummer. Years ago, I got an awesome custom cake for DW and I for our 1 year anniversary dinner at California Grill. The custom cake offerings were a nice touch for those celebrating special occasions.

You can still get custom cakes at the resorts - you just need to go through Private Dining. I just placed orders for two custom cakes. One I have a Wilderness Lodge, the other at Yacht Club.In park offerings are limited but also vary widely. HS seems to have a lot of new cake offerings.

I found this information super helpful with ordering my cakes: https://disneytravelbabble.com/how-to/order-cake/

There’s also a whole thread (well it’s actually the fifth thread) on cakes on Disboards. Recent experiences posted there rate the bakery at Yacht & Beach Club very highly - they deliver to the Boardwalk resort restaurants, CSR including the tower, and AoA.