Disney Resort to MCO to pick up rental car

I need to pick a rental car up on my last night from MCO since the closer pick ups are all a LOT more money. Staying at POFQ, what would be the quickest / cheapest option. I can’t seem to use the Mears Sunshine thingy because I’m not flying out of MCO.

Can you just give them a flight number and pretend you’re flying out?


Uber/Lyft would likely be easiest. Telling a white lie and picking a flight out of MCO to match your preferred timing is likely cheapest.

Do make sure when you compare pricing to the local options that you’re accounting for the travel costs to get back to MCO. I had always read good things about the local Disney rental location, but I have no idea how the pandemic changed the pricing/access either…

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This was my first thought. Not to mention the time involved. At least an hour round trip plus the time involved in picking up the rental.

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The cheapest closest option runs $120 more for a car smaller than what I need, so alas it’s a trip to MCO for me. I like the idea of hitting a timing for the Sunshine Coach.

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Unfortunately depending on how you value your time you’ll be pushing that $120 difference. Now if the local is the wrong car anyway, it likely doesn’t matter.

Enterprise always advertises that they will pick you up - presume you priced them as well?

Yep tried them, but once I factor in my status with Herz and the additional things I get for it, doesn’t work out a great deal. Thanks though.