Disney Reading list

Okay I know some of us have started to create a topic that can be referred back to. So here is one.

What are your favorite Disney books to read.

I have enjoyed

The Unoffical Guide to WEalt Disney World, for sure!

The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World by Susan Veness, but it is a little dated, talks about Mickey;s toontown fair, but still has good information.

The Thinking Fan's Guide to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom, by Aaron Wallace.

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Mousejunkies, UG Color Companion to WDW, Hidden Mickeys.

Also, "The Disney Mountains", "Pirates of the Carribean: From the MK to the Movies" and "Haunted Mansion: From the MK to the Movies" - all by Jason Surrell.

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I love Lee Cockerell's Creating Magic, as well as The Imagineering Workout/The Imagineering Way. I also love the cookbooks.

Stories from a Theme Park Insider

Walt Disney World Bars and Lounges ( the greatest ebook ever written)

Project Future by Chad Emerson

Great idea! I will want to check these out. My 2nd grader really liked reading the (young) Jack Sparrow books.

Other Brits might like Brit Guide to Orlando and Disney World by Simon & Susan Veness.

I think they bring out an updated one every year. I got a copy years ago when I was first going to WDW and had read The Unofficial Guide and wanted something else to read about Disney.

I found it really helpful on stuff I would otherwise have struggled a bit with like tipping, driving in Florida, and also little things like clothes sizing being different and words that are different e.g. Stroller = pram or pushchair, faucet = tap. These things might seem obvious but I had never been to the US before so it was really helpful to me.

Mousejunkies is one of my all time favorite

I also like the Imagineering field guides for each park.

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