Disney Readiness Ahead of the Curve | Some Good News

I don’t think it means anything in terms of “when” or “how soon” but it was still a nice bit of positive amidst so much doom and gloom: https://www.kennythepirate.com/2020/04/21/disneys-readiness-to-reopen-is-ahead-of-the-curve/


Seems everyone’s hanging their hats on temp readings. I can’t see how that’s going to work. First, not everyone gets a fever. Second, if you have a fever high enough to be indicative of the virus, the parks are the last place you want to be, no matter how much you paid for the tickets.


Temp screenings feel like security theater to me. It’s something they can do to make people feel like they are doing something to mitigate the spread of the virus, but doesn’t actually do much to move the needle in terms of reducing transmission.

It’s looking like people are most contagious before they have symptoms, and mild fevers are easily suppressed by OTC meds. If someone is gravely ill, they won’t be able to hide it, obviously, but that means you’re only catching people in relatively advanced stages of illness.


The entire temperature thing is ridiculous. As someone who spends her work days interviewing COVID positive cases in my municipality there are MANY who have never had a fever the entire time, so that’s not helpful at all.
Second, people are just going to start taking Tylenol/Advil just in case.
I also don’t get the whole finger scanning thing - there’s SO MANY things we touch in the parks, the finger scanning is just one. I agree facial recognition would be so much easier, but no need to overhaul because of this.
I’m someone who always has several travel bottles of sanitizer for each trip, I’ll definitely keep doing that. I did move my June trip (technically still waiting for Disney to cancel) but my flights are cancelled and I’m hoping to be able to visit mid-Sept. Will definitely have to evaluate but it’s too soon to call for me.