Disney (re)training

I am 2 weeks post vaccine so I decided to take my 3 kiddos to the Cincinnati zoo yesterday. I told my kids that we were doing Disney training for our (fingers crossed!) trip this summer. It was definitely not normal but it felt so good to be out and about for the first time in a loooong time.

Some takeaways that I think helped us prepare for our return to Disney.

  1. Arrive early! We knocked out many animal habitats with no one else around which was awesome!
  2. Be patient- as crowds started to arrive, we would just take a lot of pauses and wait for an area to clear before heading in.
  3. Know that some people will strictly adhere to mask policies and social distance markers but others won’t.
  4. Be ready to leave an area when you feel uncomfortable, which leads to the biggest takeaway:
  5. Be flexible with plans.

For those who have been back to Disney world, what would you add to this list?


We wore “masks chains” attached to our masks in WDW a couple of weeks ago. Much easier to keep track of masks that way to take a sip of water or eat at a restaurant.

Hope you get to go this summer!

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Wow, this is a nice list! The only thing I might comment on is number 3: CMs do a decent job of mask enforcement in the parks but none of that at DS; I saw the BEST mask compliance last week at the parks since July. Most ppl follow markers on ground, but young ppl on phones and little ones don’t pay attention. Have fun!

Thank you! That is very helpful!

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Great idea! I have one for my DS4 but maybe we all need them!

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We did a similar trip to Six Flags as training. Plus to try out the masks I made with a plastic cage inserted. Masks haven’t been a thing for many months where I live.

When we got home I bought a 6 pack of chains for DD and I from Amazon. They were nice in that you could swap out the ends of the chains. Either a clip for masks or the plastic loop for glasses. I also plan on using them for sunglasses. Although then they might tangle.

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