Disney Raises Price for Genie+ at Disneyland - WDW Prep School

Just got the email.
DLR is $25/d
WDW is $15-$22/day fluctuating with crowd level.

Well you said the forum was boring yesterday. This should liven it up!


Just in time for Christmas!

Hope they wrapped it up in a pretty bow. (Polka-dotted of course.)

Merry Christmas!


Effective when?

10/11 I believe which is today.

Apparently DLR can also fluctuate with crowd level, if you do not purchase it ahead of time. No known upper or lower limit. So to buy ahead at $25 per day or wait?

I waited to buy my tickets for my April trip (using discounted gift cards), because I couldn’t make an APR. DLR chat suggested I make am APR for now, buy the tickets and then change the dates. I should have done it. 3rd party sites currently give the same savings as my Gift Cards. So I just lost a 12% savings.

I’m seeing that Webslingers was added to be included in Genie+ now. So that’s actually maybe almost worth it. (But I still won’t pay for it except for very special occasions).

I should update - the language is “starting at $25”. Eek - that is rough. Glad Webslingers will be included now - that will help me balance out. Glad I have seen MMRR - will not pay for that one at DLR.


I just saw on one of the accounts I follow in Insta a screen shot. It said “Tier 6 One Day Park Hopper”. What is Tier 6??

FWIW his one day hopper (tier 6 whatever that is) plus parking was $299. No food yet, no drinks yet, and no ILL$. It did include G+. But $299 for one person. For a single day. What the actual eff anymore?

I know DLR has tiers for the revolving prices. So busiest days are tier 6 and most expensive. Tier 1 (I think I read there is a 0 now) are cheapest. Not sure if WDW does this.

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WDW may do it but I don’t know as they’ve explicitly spelled it out on the consumer side. Buying tickets only will not give you that info, in other words, as was shown on the screen shot of the purchase page.

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I am wondering if the Magic Keys will be going up soon too

I bet Christmas week will be 6 tier. Last big get together our group had I needed a Saturday ticket and it was almost $200. :pensive:

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What a bunch of garbage!

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