Disney Quest Closure

Has this happened yet? Does anyone know when they are expected to close it.
I had so much fun there last year. We are sad to see it go. We are going in April 5-12, 2016, and I’d like to go (obviously if it’s still open)

I can’t find any info regarding it though.
Thanks for any help.

I believe the NBA thing that was going to replace it has run into issues and so Disney Quest lives on for now. Seems like it’s expected to go away, but the plug hasn’t been pulled yet. My guess is it should live into April at this point and you’ll be able to go…

Think I’ve heard it referenced on the WDWToday podcast a few times as still living.

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Cool. Good news. thanks!

It was definitely still open as of a few weeks ago. We had a great time. It was awesome how short the lines were even at peak. Its loss of popularity was definitely our gain!

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Oh wow, I didn’t realize it hadn’t closed yet. I guess It’s too much to ask for it to stay open into September. My family went that last year, and loved it. I assumed that it was long gone and that there was no chance we’d be able to go when we went to Disney in late August.