Disney Princess Concert

Ok, so this probably doesn’t really belong under “Disney World”, but I thought you all would appreciate it….

I took my DD10 and her friend yesterday to the Kennedy Center to see the new Disney Princess Concert. In short it was amazing, 4 incredibly talented ladies sang with the National Symphony Orchestra and performed probably 2 dozen (I didn’t keep count) of our favorite Disney Princess songs.

All four of the performers had been princesses on Broadway, and one was the voice of Meg in Hercules. They arranged some of the songs into 4 part harmonies and did a few duets with a guy who is also a Broadway performer.

Anyway, it hit me in all the Disney feels. They are touring starting this fall so if it comes to a city near you I would highly recommend it


Thanks for the report!


My girls would sincerely enjoy that.


Thanks for sharing! [Runs to look for tickets]

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That sounds great!

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