Disney Price Adjustment when Infant moves to Child?

When booking a paid booking (i.e. EMM or a dinner show), the system is pricing based on my current “infant” vs the age he will be at the time of the event. He’s in MDE correctly with his birthdate, so I would think the system would recognize his age at the actual event time, but is booking based on his age at booking. Am I going to have issues at the time of the actual event? He’ll be booked, but I think as an infant. Seems like a glitch in their system.

The closest experience I have is booking CRT when my daughter was still 9, but she had turned 10 by the time we traveled to WDW. When we checked in, the system showed she was 10, but the CM asked if we’d like to leave her as a child for our breakfast since she was 9 when we booked.

I’d imagine that enforceability of the age cutoff is extremely difficult, so Disney probably doesn’t care, ultimately. I’d leave it alone and worst thing that could happen is they would question it and you’d be ask to pay the difference. But I seriously doubt they would do that.

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We booked Hoop de doo review when my son was 2, but he was 3 on the trip. We were not charged for him at time of booking. I was prepared to pay the difference when we checked in, but no one ever asked. He went for free!

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Disney CM straight up told me that proof of age is not required for my 2.5 year old niece. We did have to include her on ADRs though.

I just went through this! My 2yo will be 3 by the time we go. I ended up just calling and getting the reservation to make sure that my 3yo has a ticket to the event.

When you book online it looks like the infant is part of the reservation so don’t they have a ticket? More concerned about EMM than a restaurant.

Yes, they have an infant ticket though which is no longer applicable. That’s how it showed up for me when i was trying to book a dessert party and i couldn’t get a child ticket. I imagine its the same for EMM. If you call and get the reservation, they can override it over the phone. They were able to get me a ticket for her as a child instead of an infant.