Disney postcard before trip?

There might already be a specific place for this question, I am not sure…
Is there a thread where people sign up to send postcards to kids who will be traveling to Disney soon.
I am looking for someone who would be willing to send my nephew a postcard for our upcoming trip on August 13th.
Of course I would love to repay the magic, and send a card to someone while I am there.

Thanks in advance!


That’s such a cool idea!

I’m not able to help, but I am following this thread. Maybe I can help someone else out when we go in early September.


Yes! That is what liner fairy godmothers do. Here is the thread with the google sheet.



You beat be by about 10 seconds, @PrincipalTinker! I was about to post the same thread.


I posted a link to this thread on chat a few times recently.

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Thank you! For future reference, are these types of threads “pinned” somewhere, or do I have to search for them using key words. I appreciate being sent in the right direction!

I always just use the search tools. Of course for that one you need to know “fairy godmother” so your post was perfect!

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