Disney Plus on property

So can I access Disney+ using the TV in my villa using my current Disney+ subscription?
AND can I do that when my subscription is with Disney+ as a Canadian eh?

[And yes, I think there’s a thread somewhere where I asked if Disney+ was available on property.
But of course I can’t search “Disney+” because it just gives me every post that mentions Disney.]

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I know you can at Riviera.

Did I see that Disney+ is free at Riviera?
Or am I hallucinating?

Oh. That I don’t know. We used our account.

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But I can find out. I’m checking in there today.


OK now you’re just bragging… and you definitely should! Enjoy!


Thanks! We will.

I don’t remember having Disney plus at BLT and definitely not at Aulani. We had to log into it through our Roku we brought with us.

I think Riviera is the only resort that has it. There was a recentish thread about the fact that was a missed opportunity to not have it in the rooms.