Disney playing tricks with Drawn to Life tix?

I was looking at the Drawn to Life tickets (cirque de Soleil), and was a little worried…it seemed most of the seats are already sold out!

But looks can be deceiving. Right now, tickets are discounted for the show, so it surprised me that for early March so many seats are being sold…and at full, high pricing.

When I started comparing several dates, I noticed that all the same seats are sold out. It makes it look like there aren’t a lot left. But the same EXACT seats are available?

I smell foul. I think they want people to think seats are selling out and fork over the money now at the higher prices. Then, I expect they will release the other seats at a later date…and offer them at a discount.

When I look at dates in the next couple weeks, they have a similar number of available seats, and in similar locations.

Anyone go recently? Was it fairly empty?

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Perhaps a shower ??

I heard something recently about DTL tickets … but can’t remember the specifics. If I can get back to sleep maybe it will come to me by tomorrow

You are not buying now are you? I would definitely wait until a couple of weeks before the show. I did recently see pictures of a smaller crowd. They might not be selling some sections until others are all sold.

I think you will get a discount if you wait. We sat in a “cheaper” section and it was a great view.


No…but I like to check every once in a while to see availability. I was just surprised by this.

This sounds like AEG Live concert tactics. AEG often releases tickets only a few at a time to make it appear their concerts are selling out fast to keep ticket prices high.