Disney planner?

I have been looking at old posts about disney planners and need a little help.

I am getting a bit overwhelmed with all the great information I am learning from this forum. So I decided, maybe I should turn my trip (planned for this coming April) over to a planner. However, my plane tickets are already booked. I have my reservation at pop century (which I could cancel, if necessary) and I have most of my dining booked. Is it too late to turn to a disney planner? I need help with touring plans, fast pass, transportation, and any other tricks or tips I am missing.

I know a lot of liners (am I using that term correctly?) are planners too. I saw the list on an old post but it was from 2016. Anyone know if it is up to date? Any recommendations?

A trip can only be handed over/transferred within 30 days of booking.

couldnt i cancel my reservation and book a new one, if the price was right? Or is it not worth it?

If you cancel you lose your ADRs.

ADRs are not attached to a package. Anyone can make them at 180 days. They are attached to a person, not tickets or room.


Very few planners can offer a rate different from/better than what you see on the site.

Nope. Anyone can make ADRs at 180 days.

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Right but what about the 180+10? You can only do that if staying on property…

That is true, so you would want to wait until your trip is 170 days away, or is it 169?


If they are going on April they are well within that :wink:

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