Disney pins

What are these pins??

Top left is the mushroom from the Nutcracker Suite in Fantasia. Bottom right is a Puffle from Club Penguin - a Disney multiplayer online game for kids. I can’t see the other two very well, but if the top right is a llama, then it’s from Emperor’s New Groove.

The bottom looks like vinylmation with a rooster and a steer head. Here are the other two…

And thanks

Yeah. I’ve got no idea on those two. Hopefully someone else will have some idea! I think maybe @bswan26 knows a lot of Disney trivia.

Ok…found them. The one is definitely vinylmation. Chicken and beef or cock and bull, depending on where you read it from.

The other is from the 2013 Hidden Mickey series. It’s the Mickey’s Toontown Pinwheels…