Disney pins , boarding TSA restrictions

Hello Peeps!

My kids are planning on wearing their lanyards with the pins attached while boarding the plane, so they can start trading as soon as we reach the park.

Are there any any security restrictions to boarding a flight with Disney pins?

Thank you!

I had 4 pins on my bag and no problems boarding a plane.

Have never had a problem with pins on a lanyard in my carryon

Definitely not a problem. We even received wings with pins and not stickers on our flights to and from MCO. Lanyard with pins was also fine.

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Funny story. On our first trip, my four kids traded and bought many pins. They all had a lanyard, and they were given a bunch of extra pins also. Not thinking clearly, I packed them all in a small bag inside my carry on luggage. We were pulled aside at MCO as they noted many sharp metal objects! They were not sure what to make of it so they asked me as they opened my bag very slowly if there was anything in there that could hurt them. My mind was blown. I did not remember at the time that the pins were in there and my response was…we are on our way back from Disney, why would we want to hurt anyone? So then they pulled out the bag of pins and some dirty laundry, and we were soon on our way. I learned my lesson about transporting pins that day though. I’m sure it would be fine if there weren’t so many!

Flying back to the UK we had to check lanyards and pins. We checked in for our flight and the girl on the desk said to put them in the case. That was back in 2012. Since then we always pack them in our checked bags.

We have a bunch of Disney pins on our in-park bag and we’ve never had trouble bringing it through security.

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We got all of our pins at Disney, however when we came home we had about 80 or so pins on lanyards stuffed into a ziplock bag in our carry on and had no issues flying through internationally from MCO->LAX->MELBOURNE->ADELAIDE … although they really don’t like it if you forget you are carrying a juice box


Just last week I went thru security no problem with six pins attached to my backpack, carry on.

Had bought and traded for a lanyard full our last trip. I was concerned it might be questioned stuffed in my bag so I wore it to the airport. I put it in the bin laid out beside my shoes and phone. When it went through the fellow watching the scanner had the fellow standing by him go have a look in the bin. He laughed and announced it was only a Disney pin lanyard before sending my bin on down the conveyor.