Disney Photopass


I know the Memory Maker package starts at $169 for advance purchases and unlimited downloads, but is there a way to just get a photopass card, then go online and pay a certain price for a couple photos I want?

We’re planning on doing a few special baby announcement photos, and I’d rather just pay $15-20 each for a couple those.


Yes, just have your MB or hard ticket scanned when you have a pic taken. Then only download and pay for the ones you want from the website when you get home.

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Have you considered joining a memory maker group?

I knew you could link family and friends, but how do I go about joining a group?

That I really couldn’t tell you. I’m joining one this summer and someone else is taking care of the tech side of it. I’m just thinking that if you are willing to buy a couple pics for $15-20 each, then you may as well joint a group of 4 or 5 families and get ALL of your pics for the same price.

There often are memory maker groups organized on this board or Facebook Liners groups for specific months.

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