Disney Park Times from crowd calender?


Ok. Official DisneyWorld hours are not out yet for September 2015. I am ready to book my trip, and want to know how accurate the hours are shown for opening, closing, and EMH.
For example, Saturday Sept 12, says MK, 11 plus EMH till 1 AM. How accurate is that? Also, says Sept. 13 MK closes at 7:00, I guess for Halloween party. I'm new to this site, and am basing my planes for travel, and days at park according to these times. For instance, I was going to fly in a day earlier on Sept 11, but want to do MK first thing next morning, but not if Sept 12 MK has EMH, which results in larger crowds. So now thinking about flying in on Sept 12, since Sept 13 has MK as recommended with a crowd level at 1.


They use previous years data to put that information on the site. I wouldn't plan your whole trip around it though. We just got back in December and Disney changed the park hours twice in the weeks leading up to our trip so there aren't really any guarantees.

And yes if the park is closing at 7 it's for a party. But again those dates are based on previous years data so we won't know for sure until they are officially released sometime in May.


Don't forget that they just announces the "Nights of Joy" Sept 11 and 12. Doesn't MK close early for hard ticket event?


What is nights of joy?
I guess I cant wait to book my trip. I will have to cross my fingers. I guess I wanted to go MK right away, but we wont if the hrs change or its an EMH. I assume it wont be too crowded at the dates we are looking at? Otherwise we have to go 3rd week of August, but trying to avoid crowds. September is also coming out cheaper on airfare too!


Nights of Joy are Christian music concerts that require a separate ticket to attend. The park is closed to non party ticket guests after 7pm. Are you staying on site? At that time of the year the crowds will be low to moderate and a schedule EMH isn't likely going to make a huge difference in whether or not to go but will be a nice benefit if you are staying in a Disney Resort.


Thanks! Yes, staying on site. But want to avoid, as I still believe it draws more crowds. smile


On our last trip the projected park hours for early December were very accurate. One thing to bear in mind is that there were a number of differences between the predictions and the initial park hours released by WDW. However, when WDW adjusted the Dec schedule in mid-November, the resultant schedule was very close to the prediction.


If Night of Joy is Friday and Saturday, when will MNSSHP be that weekend? It can't be the usual Thursdsy and Sunday, could it?