Disney Park hopping Transportation

If we are park hopping, how long should we plan on it taking us to ride the bus between parks? Say we start at Hollywood studios and want to hop over to Animal Kingdom, how long should we expect that trip to take? We have a trip planned for Mid June, and we are staying at Art of Animation.

The variable is bus wait time. The busses should be every 20 minutes, but let’s say 30 for planning purposes.

If you walk up to the bus stop just after a bus has left, you may wait 30 minutes before you are on the next bus and under way. If you walk up just as a bus is ready to go, than all you have is the 25 minute travel time.

So your total time could be between 25 and 55 minutes.

So plan for 1 hour, and if you get lucky, enjoy some extra minutes at DAK.

We always plan for an hour - it’s a nice round number :). Often we’re pleasantly surprised, but there are times when an hour is accurate.

We also used the Minnie Van service when we were desperate – $25 for door-to-door service. When you have an ADR to get to or your feet have had enough, it’s a good option.

We also plan at least an hour. Going from Epcot to HS is not big deal, we almost always take the boat because it’s nice and relaxing. Getting anywhere from AK seems to take a while.

Also account for the time it takes to go through security again. There isn’t usually a line mid-day, but you still have to go through the process.

Agreed. Plan for an hour, sometimes it will be less and that will be a nice bonus.