Disney Paris, Tokyo Disney or other use of DVC points

Anyone have any experience using their DVC points to go to DLP, Tokyo Disney or any other more exotic locations?

I have not

But dude? You’re hooked.


The points charts are horrible.

For example, at DLP you can only use them at their equivalent to Moderate resorts and above. I think the cheapest was something like 30 points per night. And of course this is for a normal hotel room.

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Hmmm that doesn’t sound promising
But on the other hand, I would probably stay for less nights in Paris than Orlando…

You could rent your points out and use the cash to stay at DLP. That way you could stay at one of the cheaper resorts, or one of the near-by resorts (some of which are still walking distance to the parks) AND in Paris too.

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Wow. Looking at the cost of some ABD for 2023… 10 days at 1000+ points per adult.

Using points for anything other than staying at DVC resorts is never a good use of them.

I know some people do, but renting them out and paying cash is better.

Also using points for cruises and ABD mean the points get converted into some other kind of “currency” and cannot be changed back if you need to cancel. And if the cruise gets cancelled then you’ll find you are treated way less favourably than cash paying guests.


You do only need 2-3 nights at DLP but their hotels are SO much cheaper than at WDW and all of them are within walking distance. I paid $1600 for 3 nights and 4 days of hotel & tickets for my family of 4 at Hotel Cheyenne last summer. Do not waste DVC points in Paris!