Disney packages - making changes after prices increase

Hello all!

Question about changing Disney Vacation Packages.

Right now I have us staying 8 nights, with deluxe dining and 6 days of park tickets.

What if I need to either reduce the number of days, or on the flip side, increase the number of days, after a price increase occurs? What effect, if any, would this have on the price we have locked in with the vacation package?

Thanks in advance!

I believe this was discussed recently in a post. The biggest thing about making changes to a package is that you risk losing your fastpasses if you already made them. It is rare when you can change one package for a cheaper one without cancelation of the first one. ADR’s are not a problem because they are good until canceled. Adding or subtracting tickets will modify the package. I believe if you add tickets you pay at the top of the sliding scale for the additional tickets. You could however purchase them via a ticket retailer.

Thank you for your response, I will look for the other thread.

Actually , if a discount is available and your package qualifies , you can apply that discount. If you are making changes and increases have occurred, those increases would apply to your package if you add days or reduce days.

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Thank you! So if I want to add or reduce days i better do it prior to price increases? What about park days? i am thinking of adding a day or too, but from what you arevsaying, I better do that now before prices increase?

I am not sure about price increases on the room portion if you want to add days. The problem here is Disney may have your room rented beyond the days you have scheduled. So you may have to change rooms or resorts for the extra stay. I have seen out here where people have tried to add more park days to their reservation. Park ticket are bought on a sliding scale. The more days you buy at one time the cheaper they get up to 10 days. Say the first day of a 10 day park purchase costs a hundred and five dollars per person. The 10th day would cost about five dollars per person on the sliding scale. So say you bought 5 park days for your trip. Your daily prices would decrease each day on the sliding scale. Now if you wanted to add more days after the original purchase, you would buy them as if it were day one of the sliding scale. This is what I have been told by some that have tried to do this via Disney on-line. I have no idea what a ticket retailer other than Disney would charge you for the add-ons. The best way is to buy up to 10 days on the original package purchase to get the best deal. If I am wrong on this I hope others out here will correct me.

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When is your stay? There will almost certainly be a ticket increase this month. Do you have a discount? Did you buy tickets through Disney? I think this minth’s Increase will only be tickets? I would make any changes if you know them now. Rooms have been in limited suppply. If there is a discount later you may get an increase- but then the discount- so you still save money.

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Thanks, all! We are going on October, and hoping for either free dining or room discount that may come in April?
Just added more park days now, just in case (We had less park days than number of nights staying, but want to have more options, so decided to add on and get park hopper plus.
Thank you for taking the time to respond, it is much appreciated.

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There is a report on chat that packages are increasing on the 21st of this month but they will honor all packages with deposits before then.

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