Disney package question

So I have a package for April. Payment due this week. So if I do end up cancelling I get charged 200 right? If after 30 days? Does the rest just get refunded to the card I use?

I just can’t even believe cancelling might be a possibility! All that planning… so sad.

Correct. $200 penalty inside 30 days with remainder going back to the exact source of original payment. Hopefully it wont come down to this for you.

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Can you reschedule? I would think they are helping people out to reschedule for future dates with all of the travel uncertainty these days.


Unfortunately if we do cancel we won’t reschedule right now. And probably won’t get there for a couple years. Makes me really sad to think about honestly. But a trip I was making this week, to a different location, got cancelled… so I’m just sad. But glad to know it will just be 200 out, unfortunately JetBlue doesn’t seem to be refunding yet.

I’m sorry. If that’s the case, I would have a really hard time canceling. Wait until the very last minute.

According to Mousesavers

Cancellations made 29 days to 2 days prior to arrival have a cancellation fee of $200 per package, but if reservations are cancelled 1 day prior to arrival or later, the full package price is non-refundable.

I just heard something interesting listening to a podcast this morning. It sounds like you can modify a package date range the day prior to check in. If understood correctly you could then cancel before the new 30 day window. Just like you would do to avoid an ADR penalty for canceling too late. I was wondering if anyone has done this successfully?
ETA I beleive there is a $50 change fee though.

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Just curious, as I have no idea if this is even a possibility, but can you still change it to a room-only reservation without penalty? Then cancel the room-only reservation, since you can cancel those up to 5 days from check-in? It probably doesn’t work, because that would be a huge loophole, but just a thought…

From my experience, once you’ve booked any combination of resort nights and park tickets as a package, you cannot cancel the resort completely or tickets completely without cancelling the whole package (which in this case would probably incur the penalty). Maybe others have experienced exceptions to that.

I tried cancelling just the resort and keeping the tickets so that I could link a better 3rd party resort deal to take its place, but they made me cancel the entire package. Luckily the reimbursement was almost instant back onto my Disney gift cards so that I could use some of that to instantly buy new park tickets to avoid losing my FP’s or having to tie up new money in tickets while waiting to be reimbursed. I’m within 30 days but wasn’t penalized for cancelling because I had already linked the 3rd party resort reservation to MDE, so they were fine with replacing with another on-site stay even thought it wasn’t booked directly through Disney anymore.

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This is kind of what I was figuring, since to change from package to room-only or vice-versa requires the agent to cancel and rebook with a new deposit. I’ve done this several times, just not inside the 30 day window.

It is silly but room only and packages are two different divisions so it is a complete cancel.


Thanks everyone. So I think we are going to wait to cancel. Who knows what this will look like in a month. Hopefully settling down and life returning to normal?? Anyways, I guess we will risk the 200.


I think in the future I’m going to book more room-only for the flexibility. It’s also nice not having to pay everything up front. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember Disney not charging my card in full until after checkout when we did room-only.

We have an April trip too and it actually hasn’t crossed my mind to cancel. Actually, I’m more afraid they will close the parks. If they do, we’ll probably keep the flight and go to the beach instead. I really need a vacation!

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Honestly I hadn’t either until this trip this week was cancelled. Kind of made me stop and think about it. My biggest concern is my kids and potential quarantine situation. Which wouldn’t be good for DH or my daughter with school.

But it didn’t sound like it was effecting our age groups, so I think we will wait and see what the next few weeks bring. I really need this trip too… I have been so looking forward to it. The one this week is crushing, but Disney would be a big bummer. Luckily we haven’t told the kids, and won’t until we know for sure.

That is a bummer about your current trip. I’m curious as to how everything with the Disney parks will play out in the coming months. Cruise ships are one thing, with the confined space, where quarantining is possible. Not sure what happens if someone at Disney reports feeling symptomatic while there. Probably a good idea not getting the kids’ hopes up! (We seem to be on a similar trip pattern. Didn’t you go in Sept/Oct too? :grinning:)

In 2018 I went in November! But feels like forever ago! Kids are 6 and 3, seem like the perfect age to go. So will see, agree will be interesting what Disney does. I don’t think we would get stuck there, just if we have to self quarantine upon return. That would stink. Will just have to keep an eye out.

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I had this question on another thread - so you were able to get 60-day FP, then cancel the package, then buy new tickets to cover the days when you had FP? Was there a point in time when you had no tickets at all, but the FP stayed intact?

You will pay one night deposit and then the rest when you check in. I found they charged my credit card that morning.


Correct. I cancelled the package and purchased new tickets through the same phone call with Disney, but they only gave me the confirmation number for the tickets, so I was momentarily with FP’s but no tickets until I linked the new ones to each person in MDE a few minutes later. The cast member assured me I wouldn’t lose FP’s as long as new tickets got linked the same day that covered those dates.

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Thanks! That’s good to know.