Disney Package Cancellation and Fastpasses

I’ve seen some similar discussion on here about similar situations to this, but never this exact case. I had booked a room only a few months ago, with the intention of later booking tix through Sam’s Club to get a deal. Now, something has come up and I am unsure of whether I will be able to go. Instead of chancing non-refundable tix, I’m thinking of booking a separate package with tix to be able to make fast passes. Only issue is that the hotel I originally booked is sold out, so if I ended up going, I wouldn’t be using the package reservation, I’d be buying new tix, linking them, and then cancelling the package. But I’d still have tix and a room reservation. If I cancel the package that allowed me to get the fast passes, would my Fastpasses get canceled too, even though I have a room only and tickets remaining?

I think it will be okay. My understanding is that you have a certain window of time for your MDE to demonstrate (via linking reservations) that you have some other qualifying reservation in place.

Hoping others will chime in to confirm.

Yes, as long as you have valid tickets and an onsite reservation you will be fine.

To be on the safe side I would book the new package before you cancel the old one. You may still get the warning email about losing your Fastpasses but you’ll be fine.

The time you have to link new tickets &/or reservation is only something like 36-48 hrs.

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