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So, is the Disney dining on Broadway package worthwhile? I’ve been trying to get Biergarten and now I see it is a part of this. The package price is $11 more than the regular. I think you can always get seats without the package, right? Generally? What about getting good seats? DD is artsy and short, so she might appreciate having close-in seats. Argh! Why do I work so hard to throw money at Disney when I am grumpy with them? I wouldn’t consider it if Biergarten wasn’t already on my list.

Also it says this, “Dining reservations must begin at least 2.5 hours before showtime.” Shows are at 5:30 PM, 6:45 PM and 8:00 PM. So, if we get a 3:30pm reservation does that mean they won’t allow us into the 5:30pm show if we are at the entrance to the show? Or does that just mean, don’t complain to us if you miss the last show because your ADR was too late. I was thinking we PH to EP at 2pm, ride a G+ reservation (G+ on entire tickets) maybe ride another quick one if have time, go to Biergarten and stuff ourselves. Roll over to the Broadway show and catch the 5:30pm. Then ride stuff mostly standby at the end of night with the shorter waits. If they won’t let us into the 5:30 show, then that won’t work.

It really depends on who the performers are when you’re there. I can pretty much guarantee long lines for seating if it’s Josh Strickland and Ashley Brown. I’ve seen them twice (with the dining package) and both times the AGT was full with a long stand-by line for the next show on our way out.

If you get 3:30 for your ADR you will most likely be given a “ticket” to 6:45 or 8. They open up the reserved areas after a certain point, so unless you inhale your food, there’s a good chance the seating would be open to general seating by the time you got there for 5:30.

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I am there the first Sunday with the brother and sister that were both in The Little Mermaid.

I already have my dining set… and it isn’t at any of the package restaurants. I am going to have to take my chances just showing up.

I did rework my TP to attend the first of the three performances that day. Hopefully it will be the least attended of them!

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Would say this is the best one? All but the earliest two and the special performance will happen while we are there.

Just in case the answer is not the same, would you say that this is the most popular, i.e. hardest to get into? Might as well get the most bang-for-our-$11.

If the wait wasn’t too bad for another show, we could do the standby version for that.

Also, if we go for a 2pm ADR and that isn’t our park reservation, I assume that they will let us in a little early? Anyone know how much earlier? Does a 2pm reservation make that even earlier?

ADR’s do not let you in early when hopping. They seem to be holding fast to the official 2:00pm start of hopping when asked, but you can scan in at 1:47pm at the earliest (just scan like you know what you’re doing, don’t say you’re hopping).

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They are my personal favorites - and each has a following. I have not seen the others, but Josh and Ashley are close friends (he is her daughter’s godfather) and their chemistry shows.

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Has anyone ever booked one of these? Do I have to call or can I do it online?

Reservations dropped today, but were not available until late in the afternoon. It seemed Coral Reef and Rose and Crown were the only spots available for the dates I wanted. I was searching on on my phone and decided to switch to PC to see if I would get different results. All four restaurants came up on the PC and I was able to switch from Coral Reef to Garden Grill.

ETA: My date is for Ashley/Josh performance.

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I kept checking yesterday, like the liner I am. While cussing out Disney in my head, like the redhead I am.

I’ve been on the fence on whether to get the package or just a normal reservation. Biergarten is a buffet so same food and the package is $11/pp more. So, at some point yesterday I checked on a normal reservation. I saw my time, took it, entered my CC, and then I looked at Woody for awhile before it crashed. Later that day I got the package.

I am surprised that they assigned a show time. I was expecting it to be good for anytime that day. Or, if a time was a assigned it would be the next one at least 2.5+ hours later. But, reservation is for 3 pm. So, the 5:30 would have been an option. But, we were given the 6:45pm show. I don’t mind. I just thought it was odd.

During our trip we will be able to see the last four regular shows. I scheduled the dining package later in our trip. So, if we have an easy time getting in to see the shows, I’ll cancel the package part.

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I opted to not get a package as I would prefer to eat at Le Cellier.

I will be at EPCOT this Sunday (the 16th). It will be the second day of FArts and I would like to see the Disney on Broadway performance.

Show times are listed as:


I currently have two ADRs for Le Cellier.

I can either …

Attend the 5:30pm performance and go to dinner at 7:20pm.


Have dinner at 5:10pm and attend the 8:00pm performance.

Which performance do you think would be easier to “walk up” to? I am thinking it would be the 5:30pm performance, but wanted more input than just me!

I need to cancel one of my Le Cellier ADRs!

I got the package for 3pm Biergarten. They gave me the 8pm show. They could have given me the earlier show, but didn’t. Since the Broadway package isn’t particularly needed, I have to think they are giving 8pm as the package time because that will be the most attended. People get grumpy when they pay extra money to skip a line, and then there isn’t a line.

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It’s easier to get into the later show for sure.

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