Disney My Experience APP

I am logged into My Disney Experience on my laptop- and have downloaded the app-my question is do they sync? or do I have to input everything into the app and then do I have two things going? Seems to me they should sync?? Any advice would be much appreciated- I consider myself to be somewhat tech savvy and this seems unnecessarily confusing.

They sync. It’s your profile that has the information and the website and app both access that information.

They don’t actually sync to each other. They both sync to your Disney account, and access your disney account information that includes reservations, FPP, etc. They’re two different portals through which to access your Disney account, much like Facebook on any web browser and the Facebook app on your phone.

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So do I have to manually reenter my reservation on the app- nothing is showing up on the app and all my hotel and dinner reservations are on My Experience on my laptop- thank you!

Try logging off and then logging back on. Then go to “my reservations” .

You shouldn’t have to… if you log in through either route (browser or app) using your username and password, all your reservations should be there. But agree with other poster, sometimes you need to log out and log in again to get it to refresh data. Also, keep the app updated for best results.

Thank you - I called in I actually had two accounts with that email so they merged them- problem solved - thank you for the quick responses and advice. Much appreciated.

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So glad you got it sorted out!