Disney Magical Express (DME) - a lesson learned

This was our first time using DME. We had a layover in ATL as part of our flight to MCO. In ATL our connecting flight had problems, so I booked a different flight. I called MDE and gave them the new flight number

PRO: They took the new flight number an updated the DME reservation
CON: They told me that the return flight was invalid (looks like the airline changed the flight number at some point). The “con” part is, when were they going to tell me this if I had not called in? They need to be more proactive about things like that

The airline (Delta) still put the bag on my OLD flight :frowning: I called DME and they said it did not matter since any bag with a yellow tag would be scanned and transported. Luckily the old flight ended up taking off around the same time as my new one (so… I guess I did not need to change, but at the time it seemed like the right call). We land in MCO, we scan and get on the bus

PRO: the lines were short, the Magic Band did its thing, and we were on our way
CON (minor): Grand Floridian (our destination) was the last stop of three. Come one, this is the flagship resort… at least it could be the first stop :slight_smile:
PRO: Our room was awesome with views of Cinderella’s Castle and MK fireworks. 8201 if you’re are curious - emailed some view pics to TP, so hopefully they post those for the room.
CON (major): After getting drinks and snacks at Enchanted Rose (very nice), we get back to the room and no luggage. I call… they say they never scanned it… panic sets in. The fellow in the luggage department says he will check with his man at the airport, and we wait

I try calling Delta. This is where DME can really complicate things. Delta is asking why I did not file a missing bag report at the airport. The Delta app shows the bag loaded on the plane, but never arriving. Delta says that it because it was Disney tagged. Disney says that is not true and it should still show a Delta unloading scan….

PRO: Shannon, a Disney cast member from customer services calls me. Tells me no matter whose fault it is, we should go buy some clothes and toiletries and Disney will cover it. My wife is already downstairs doing that (we thought on our own dime). She returns and tells me how nice all the cast members were when they learned our plight (more PRO). With two $40 shirts, underwear and various toiletries Disney treats us to $200 worth of stuff.

At about 11PM (we had arrived at the hotel about 6:30PM) Shannon calls to let us know our luggage has been found. It was sitting next to the Delta luggage desk. She offers to deliver it in a couple of hours, or we can wait until morning. We opt for the latter… the next morning I call, anxiously wait as the luggage person looks, and we get our luggage back! Jackpot!

LESSON LEARNED: If anything “weird” happens with your flights, stop and pick up your own luggage from baggage claim in MCO


That’s totally awesome of Disney to do that, but I would put the blame squarely on Delta for this. Change of flight numbers looks like where things got hinky.

When I’ve had issues, I’ve been lucky enough that it’s a simple communication with the cast member at the DME booth. Never anything you’ve gone through.

Glad you got your luggage though!!

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If your bag had the yellow DME tag, it does not go to baggage claim and you would not have been able to grab it anyhow. It gets grabbed for DME luggage trucks instead.

I’m glad you got your bags, but too bad about all the hassle and stress!


The question is, why didn’t this happen. It had the tag…

I’ll never use the yellow tags again. I know for most people, it works great, but not for me. The one and only time I tagged my luggage was when seven of us were flying into MCO. I was debating whether or not to collect my luggage myself. I felt with having more pieces of luggage, there’s more of a chance with something going wrong. I decided to roll the dice, tag my luggage, and enjoy going from the airport to the resort via DME luggage free. That was a mistake. After spending the day at Disney Springs, we returned to our rooms to find five pieces of luggage neatly placed in our room. The problem was that half of my luggage wasn’t there and the other half didn’t belong to me. I took the misplaced luggage back to the luggage handlers at my resort. I asked about my missing luggage and was told my airline or the airport misplaced/lost my luggage and that I should call and file a missing luggage report. I called the airport/airline to try to track down my luggage. They told me my luggage wasn’t there and asked if I wanted to file a report. I decided to go back up to the resort’s luggage handlers again. I insisted they do another look for my luggage to which they came up empty handed. I got them to allow me into their luggage room and low and behold, I found my remaining luggage. This all seems harmless enough except for the fact it took nearly four hours of my time (potential park and/or resort time) and a lot of worry and stress over having lost bags. Like I said, I know the yellow tag system works most of the time, but I got burned. Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. I’ll collect my own bags at the airport from now on.

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It seems the yellow tag system worked in your case as well. What didn’t work was the staff at the Disney hotel actually doing their job properly. But from your description, your luggage made it from the airport to your hotel correctly.


I was addressing your last sentence,

To do what you suggest, a person must NOT put the yellow tag on it in the first place, and thus your luggage will go to the baggage claim. You can either then grab it yourself, or give your luggage receipts to the DME CM and they will grab them from there and move them to your hotel. If you put the yellow tag on it, you will NOT have the opportunity to grab it yourself even if weird things happen to your flights.

I’m not sure what you are referring to by “this” in “why didn’t this happen.”

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I think OP meant why didn’t their tagged luggage make it to their resort with all the other tagged luggage? It was left at the airport.

I think OP meant why didn’t their tagged luggage make it to their resort with all the other tagged luggage? It was left at the airport.

yes, exactly

If you put the yellow tag on it, you will NOT have the opportunity to grab it yourself even if weird things happen to your flights.

Except in this case if I would have gone to the Delta desk, they could have told me my luggage was there

The yellow tag system includes the staff getting my luggage to my room, ALL of my luggage, not some of mine and someone else’s. So it did not work for me. That’s their job. I’m on vacation. I shouldn’t have to spend vacation time doing a Disney hotel staff member’s job. However you want to look at it, it did not work the way it’s supposed to. I’ll spend the extra time at the airport to collect my luggage to avoid having to deal with this again.


You know I had the same problem and one of the times one of our bags was at Disney but they could not find it right away. Finally got it though after many calls and 4 hours later. For the most part though we have had few problems except for late arrival. Will continue with the yellow tags.