Disney Liner Fitbitters

I have started a new thread for fitbit users that want to interact with other Disney enthusiasts. I also started a fitbit group on the fitbit app so if you want to participate there dm me your info.

Even though I have a charge 2, I have no idea about 90% of the Fitbit features. What do groups do?

It’s a place where we can chat and share our fitbit achievements and of course we can chat Disney. Also it would be a good place to find people to do challenges with.

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First challenge is to remember where the fitbit is😉.


Hello! My email address is eywgirl@optonline.net

Can you please tell me what I need to do to get signed up? I have a fitbit but didn’t know I could chat on it or with it??? Thanks

:joy: :joy: I know that feeling. I just got a new one and then found the old one. I was in need of a upgrade anyway, right? Lol. Let me know when you are ready to start back up again!

Hi TinkerbellNgrumpy. I will send you a friend request and if you can accept it and send me message on there or even here. I wouldn’t get a message saying it was accepted so it would be good to know who you are so I can send you group invitation.

Hi! It’s a private group. I actually just figured it out myself. They have public groups and I figured out how to make my own group but it’s not public. I don’t know how to make it public. :joy: If you want you can message me here with your email and I will friend you on fitbit. You need to accept my request and then i will invite you to group.

Hiya. I am melanie@iquitproductions.com
Melanie K
Thanks for adding me :grinning:

Jagel88@gmail.com is my handle.
My highest step days this year are still all from being in WDW in April.
Hopefully this can help keep me motivated, especially with Halloween going on :joy:

Hi @Mrstoadswildride. Sent friend request if you can let me know who you when you accept that would be super!

Hi @ryanjagel! Sent the request if you can let me know when you accept then I can send the invite! Thanks!

Accepted, let’s walk!

Heading there tomorrow, would love to join


Fun! But I use a Garmin VivoActive, so no Fitbit club for me :joy: Did you see my trip report? We did 105,000+ steps in 4 days at WDW! :skull::muscle:


Message me on fitbit once you accept and then I will be able to send you the group invitation.

I believe it! I did a half marathon and hit the parks after until midnight. The most steps in one day I ever did was 55,000 that day.


We will need to start our own garmin club! I am die hard garmin girl!


@carthy15 I definitely think a group should be started for each platform. Someone in chat was thinking about starting one for the apple platform. Between rundisney and the amount of walking needed to tour I’m surprised the other fitbit group slowed down. But definitely go for it!