Disney just canceled our BTMRR FP?

So half an hour ago I made an 8:30-9:30pm FP for our DAH night coming up in March. Ten minutes later I received an email stating that due to changes in this ride;s operating hours, our fastpasses were changed. Whenever I log into MDE, it still shows BTMRR from 8:30-9:30, but when I click on it to modify or change, it shows an error and won’t let me continue to even try to change it?

There is something super wacky going on right now with FPP coming up in March. A feed I follow on FB had members posting similar things overnight. I would screen shot everything right now, and contact guest services this morning. No idea whether it’s a system glitch or reflective of upcoming park hours update but whatever it is it stinks like cheese

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I did screen shot the FP, and I checked other rides for that evening. Nothing is showing as available past 5:30 for many rides including IASW and Dumbo…something isn’t right. When I logged on at 7:00, there were plenty of fast passes available all evening for every ride except 7DMT. I’m on hold with Disney right now - wait time is over 30 minutes - on a Saturday morning…:roll_eyes:

Not uncommon wait time, unfortunately. Worth it once you get it worked out.

If they say there’s nothing they can do, kindly ask to escalate the issue and push for IT involvement.

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Look at THIS bull💩

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I’ve just seen similar posts over on the DIS.

Was coming over to warn people to check FPs especially for the 4th March at DHS.


What the heck is going on? We are going March 9 - we were told our BTMRR FPP has been replaced, but it still shows as BTMR and I can’t change it or anything. I am SO sorry about your predicament since it is Smuggler’s Run! :unamused:I am still on hold with Disney.

Somehow I picked up a 1005. Screenshotted for when it disappears and is replaced with a sticker and a lollipop.

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Thats see BS! Muppet Vision!

I’m going to screenshot our other FPP…I have now received FOUR emails telling me our BTMRR has been canceled!

Well, in the meantime, I’m enjoying a beautiful sunrise on a morning I would otherwise be sleeping in…


On chat people are having good results by calling.

This made me LOL! Muppets, though? How about ToT, SDD, TSM, or something equivalent?


I am talking with Disney. She is saying that the addition of MMRR at HS has thrown the FPP system upside down. I would suggest calling them. And, for our BTMRR, it now shows FPP from 8:30-9:00pm. Apparently IT hasn’t updated the FPP system to reflect the MK closing time change from 9pm to 10pm that just occurred yesterday.


Okay, now it has changed to an anytime FPP for BTMRR…


That change from smuggler’s run to muppet vision is so strikingly bad that I wonder if they got hacked.


I suspect MDE just went with the nearest ride with available FP.

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Now this. At least it’s still tot, but no.


Did you call? I called Disney, and they corrected what happened. They gave us a FPP for BTMRR good for anytime, and then I was able to book a 4th FPP for Splash Mountain! If you haven’t called Disney about it, I recommend you do. If you did call and that’s all they could do for you, I’d call back.


I’m definitely going to call but am handling my toddler right now so was going to wait a little.