Disney Junior Live On Stage

Hi all,
Got a question about Disney Junior live on stage.
If I fastpass it, do we get in earlier, get a better viewing area etc?

I’ve never used a fpp for this but ds and I went a sept a few years ago… Ended up near the end of the line but it worked out… We sat about half way back in the middle… You do not want to sit close to th stage, you can’t see anything (since you sit on the floor) there are also benches along the back wall if I remember correctly :slight_smile: my ds loved the show when he was 3 and I did too! I think it’s a not miss for sure!

No. Kids sit on the floor and the stage is raised, maybe 3-4 feet. The characters are puppets that come up from under the stage. So kids with FPP who sit at the front can, at best, see just the tops of the characters heads while sitting in a lap. It’s a terrible, TERRIBLE setup. Only benefit to FPP from my point of view is getting a guaranteed entrance into the show on a busy day. Downside is that they try to herd you to the front to be seated. If you use FPP, make sure you are at the end of the FPP line and sit at least halfway back from the stage in the middle section to make sure you’ll be able to see.

Thanks for that tip @mossmacl! I will probably get a FPP for this show since it is a must for my kids, and I am happy to find out that we shouldn’t sit too close.

Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.
I think I’ll be using our FPPs on another ride! :blush: