Disney junior character meet

I can’t seem to find much info about meeting the Disney junior characters in animation courtyard at DHS. Just wondering if anyone knows about wait times or how busy it tends to get. Our visit will be end of august.

The Disney Jr. characters meet regularly throughout the day in that area…there are usually signs that say what time(s) they appear!
Also, if you haven’t considered eating at Hollywood & Vine for breakfast…Sofia, Jake, Doc and Handy Manny come to your table! :slight_smile:

Thank you. Ok I wasn’t sure if it was more like the character meet and greet at Epcot. We definitely want to do Hollywood & vine!

We didn’t meet these characters this year but last year the wait for Sofia and Doc McStuffins was about 15 mins each.

Last November, in the time it took for half our party to go to RnRC and ride (standby), my daughter and I were able to do all four M&G stations outside of PHD Live.

from 9:30-10am on a busy day we met all 4 characters

I want to confirm that you can meet them at Hollywood and Vine lunch too. We have Fantasmic lunch ADR for Jan 21 for just this reason.

Yes - as @haylekk posted above at Hollywood & Vine Sofia, Jake, Doc & Handy Manny all work the room and visit your table for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is a Minnie seasonal meet & greet that starts around 3:30’ish…

I didn’t realize Hollywood & Vine had a Fantasmic! dining package. They do this for lunch and dinner?

Yes - although dinner times are limited to relatively early in order to eat & then make the Fantasmic! early show. I don’t think you’ll find much past 5 at all so if an early dinner works, that would be an option. We booked it for lunch last December. Solid buffet, although nothing spectacular, and the DIS Jr. characters. If you’re into the DIS Jr. characters, it’s good - if not, I’d likely opt for Mama Melrose’s for F! dinner package instead…