Disney IT fail

Today was our 60 day FPP and I got up early to be ready to go at 7am. I was a tad anxious after the ADR issues a few months ago (I couldn’t make them online at 6am even though everything was linked/synced etc. I had to call at 7am and make them over the phone.). So I start right at 7 this morning when the dates magically opened up. I used both my app and website. After 10 minutes I only had 3 booked. Seriously, I think Disney uses dial up Internet if that is even still a thing. It is taking forever to book and I get several error messages and Olaf in between bookings. I was able to book 5 days worth even though we have 6 days of tickets (everything is linked in MDE). I kept getting the message that I had reached our allotment. After a 35 minute hold on the phone I talk to a CM who says I should be able to book them and they can’t figure out why I’m not able to nor are they able to. They check with IT and can’t get ahold of anyone so she books 3 for that day for us. I take whatever times she can get knowing I can modify them later. Except I can’t. I can’t modify them. They are some special FPP that is not able to be modified. Anyone ever heard of not being able to modify a FPP?

All this to say we will have a special trip regardless and the reservation making will not impact our trip in a negative way, but it is super frustrating. I’ve read many others have had the same problems so I know it isn’t just me. Disney needs to get their computer issues worked out ASAP!


Disney IT is shocking, I’m sorry you had such problems.

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I had a similar experience–today was my 60 day as well. Tried 2 different browsers and the app on my iPad…ugh. The whole process took 45 frustrating minutes. I did luck out and get FoP early on, but lost the SDD I had at a time that worked for us because the site crashed in the process of confirming it. I’m just going to keep on trying to change times and get SDD, and I know it’ll all work out fine in the end, but it’s super frustrating. Felt a lot like Amazon when Prime Day started yesterday. :wink: Hope you have a great trip regardless!


I had the exact same problems - I was eventually able to get everything booked - but it was terrible. Since this is a solo trip, I know it was a lot easier for me to get my single FPPs than other people.
I wrote an email to Disney about it. I figure if enough people complain they will fix it. It is always about money, they won’t spend it until they have to.
I went back in Jan this year and didn’t have any issues with the app or web-site, so it seems that something has changed this year.


All of these reports are scaring me. Our FPP day is Aug. 7th. It’ll be my first time booking.

I wonder if the phone or computer is less buggy? I’d prefer to look at a bigger screen but also just want the FP!

Ughhhhhh, I am sorry! I had the same ADR issues.


Thanks @Suemoff! Luckily we weren’t trying for any SDD or FOP as the kiddos will be too young. I hope you have a great trip as well!

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It was just a miserable experience all around, but like you I got what we needed at roughly the times we wanted. I will just have to keep modifying! I’m sure single FPPs would be easier. You are right, it is all about the money and I’m sure they don’t want to waste it on something that semi works. I’ll send an email too; thanks for the idea!

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For me they were equally buggy. I booked half on the website on computer and half on the phone app. Glitches on both several times and slow as can be.


Ugh. I’m glad I’m at least forewarned. I’d expect Disney to have top notch IT, which is obviously not the case. I’ve been hearing so much about IT issues. Hopefully, they’ll get it sorted.

Hate to say it, but plan on this being an issue. The near exact thing happened on my 60 day mark a few weeks ago (except I didn’t call). What should have been a 15 minute process took roughly 3 hours to sort out (though it didn’t help that I didn’t have my spread sheet).

Preload as much as possible before your 7AM EST window opens. Computer (multiple browsers), tablet and phone. Make sure you are FULLY logged in (there’s like 2 levels of authentication, one for standard website stuff, one for itinerary/reservations). You don’t want to lose time relogging in, so be logged in.

Then go for the super difficult ones first (FOP, SDD, AS2, 7DMT) , with the most desired prioritized in that list (So if you want FOP over the other two, go for that one first). Also shoot for later in the week and work backwards.

If your experience goes like mine, you will not get all on the first try, keep trying. Also, if you’re having problems with one and it’s taking forever, quickly move onto another and then jump back.

It’s a LOT like boxing with the site… stick and move. :slight_smile: And should worse come to worst and you don’t get what you’re after, keep trying hours and days after.


I expected the trouble after my ADR issue a few months ago. After I got my FPP today I screenshot every day so I have that as proof if anything goes awry later on.


I didn’t find either really less buggy. I did most on my computer, because I got into a process that was working - but slowly.
When I got Olaf - I would reload the page, didn’t try and go backwards & re-start something.
Also I had another page that didn’t load fully, but was not Olaf ( the screen where it gives you the option to pick morning, afternoon, evening or time) I would just reload that page also & it would work.
I found that easier most of the time than the app on my phone.

Thanks. I’ve been wondering if I needed to take the morning off work. Looks like it.

I would login on a desktop computer using a browser opened that is “incognito”. Disney IT recommended this when all I got was Olaf when trying to book a room. I am beginning to hate that guy.


I haven’t tried the incognito yet - I will see how that works.
It is so frustrating. Sometimes different results on different machines, sometimes the same

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General, Permission to jump in an X-Wing and blow something up?


Disney IT,
I know it is hard keeping that large of a network functioning. I can only imagine the strain that network goes through on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!

A fellow IT guy.


I didn’t realise the good work had started!


Not wanting to start an argument, but - I work on IT systems at a very large company, and people would be fired if we had the continuing issue with the customer facing UI that Disney has had for the last several months.
Having the system go down the way it did a few weeks, yes things like that do happen, even with several redundancies built in - but not being able to actually operate the site, when they are pushing us to use them, which is clear because they don’t have enough people to handle phone volume, it doesn’t matter how much strain they have on the network, if it can’t handle the use, they need to make changes.