Disney IT fail, as usual

Not what you want to see on day 61 out! Was hoping to practice some ADRs today before my big day tomorrow.

I was planning to ask y’all what I was doing wrong since I kept getting error messages for an hour straight this morning, but turns out it wasn’t me. Here’s hoping they get it straightened out before tomorrow, because we have three little girls on this trip with their hearts set on eating in Cinderella’s castle. My condolences to anyone whose real ADR day is today!


The “good news” I suppose is that if it is a system wide issue, then no one else can book either…so you’ll still be in the same boat once they get it resolved, even if it drags on multiple days. (But it is a Tuesday morning…Tuesday mornings seem to be the “most likely” time that Disney IT breaks. I suspect it will be back operational before tomorrow.)


Tuesday is a big IT upgrade day for Disney
I heard there was trouble this morning, not unusual for a Tuesday
Should be smoother on a Wednesday*

(*but Disney IT so … )


Update: successfully booked CRT for both families for the day we wanted! Also got an ‘Ohana dinner, which is my DH’s favorite. Everything else we wanted was wide open.


Wed > Tues!

Hooray for you! That’s always great feeling :slight_smile:


This happed to us on Tuesday. Me and the wife got really worried because not only were we doing ADR for our family but also my sisters’ family. So we need reservation for 10 to 11 people. But all prevailed an hour later, and we got all the times and places we wanted, including Ohana’s.


I feel so bad it hit you when you needed it! Thank goodness it all worked out.

Me too…