Disney is going to give me a heart attack!

So, just went to modify a fastpass. Did so, and when I’d finished they’d all vanished. Every single one, my FOP, my MMRR, my Millenium Falcon, my Seven Dwarfs!

10 minutes sat on hold to Disney and they suddenly reappear before I actually speak to anyone.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a feeling quite like that before, this flipping holiday is going to kill me before I even get there!


That happened to me the other day. And it wasn’t the first time. Before my first family trip last October, I checked MDE a few days before we left. No tickets, ADRs, or FPs. Only our resort stay. I was in meltdown mode. Everything was back later that day though. Disney IT is really a disaster.


I wouldn’t have worried too much if it was everything as I know what Disney IT is like. It was the fact that it was just fastpasses after I’d literally just changed a fastpass that sent me into complete meltdown.

Have screenshotted everything now just in case!


Last trip we had 2 rooms. One day when looking at my itinerary on MDE, I realized that all of the FPP for the 2nd room were gone. Took me 90 minutes with IT to get it corrected. After that, I took screenshots of everything. Left me feeling nervous right up to using the FPP in the parks. If they could disappear once…

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