Disney Infinity 2.0

Hey guys, sorry if this is too far off topic but I figured you guys would know.

Son will be 5 in November and we are thinking of having Santa bring him Disney Infinity 2.0 since we already have a PS4 and this new one will be compatible with that.

I have two questions and I know nothing about video games.

  1. will the original infinity games/people be able to be played on the 2.0? I know the Avengers is going to be the big thing with the new system but would like him to have access to Toy Story/Cars and Monsters as well.

  2. Obviously, you can’t predict this but I know video game systems get very exclusive and hard to get when they are new. Should I pre-order this? I have seen news reports and those black Friday things and I really don’t want to have to take part in it to get this toy. (Actually I can’t since I will be leaving for Disney two days later and going to be way too busy)

Again, I apologize if this is too out therefor this forum but I have no clue. I tried researching but don’t even know where to begin looking.


I read that that the new games will be compatible with the old systems but the old games will not be compatible with the new systems.

GRR Ok, thank you :slight_smile: I am going to wait and see I guess.

Here’s the current FAQ from Disney Interactive:


That has some information about the compatibility between the two games.

I don’t remember hearing about massive shortages when 1.0 came out, so I’m hopeful that 2.0 also won’t have major problems. There’s never a guarantee, though, and you won’t likely get the game on sale for any less than the pre-order price (unless someone runs some sort of wacky Black Friday sales on the game pieces, but not the game base itself), so pre-ordering it might be a great way to be stress-free to get it for the holidays.

Totally off the record, I’m the editor for the official game guide for this (and did the game guide for 1.0 as well). Yesterday afternoon, I was editing the tables of all the toys and unlockables for this game. I have a confidentiality agreement in place, so I can’t give out any specifics, but looking at the list of what will be available in this game, there are some awesome things to unlock that aren’t Marvel-based. They’re really reaching into the Vault for some of the unlockables, and certainly have some things that will make Disney aficionados insanely happy. On top of that, Marvel fans certainly aren’t going to be disappointed. I was excited about 1.0 – I’m even more thrilled with what I’m seeing for 2.0.


Thank you so much!! I think you just made my decision for me and there is going to be one happy little boy Christmas morning :slight_smile:

We just bought this last night and from what My Son says you can’t use the old worlds on the new Disney infinity. However, you can use the old characters in the new Disney infinity.