Disney in late August

Thinking about planning our next trip the last week of august '18…how are crowds and weather? I know it’ll be hot, but is it insanely hot? Rainy?? Etc

Crowds really drop off from mid August. It will be insanely hot and also pretty rainy in the afternoons.

We went the last half of August two years ago and it was blistering hot but the crowds were not bad. We really only had one rainy day at Disney and we just put on our ponchos and kept on going.

Hot and rainy, but the week before Labor Day is still my favorite time, because the crowds are so, so low. BTMRR was a literal walk-on the past two years at the time. Because of the very low waits then there’s plenty of time to do lots of stuff in the morning (without even having an aggressive RD strategy), take a nice long pool break at the hottest time of day, then go back and ride things again in the evening. 4 days of park hopper time is actually enough to do all of the big stuff and a few smaller things, plus swim a ton. If MNSSHP starts during that week, even better… those parties have very low crowds.

I’m so glad to read that! We arrive August 25th for the first MNSSHP. It’s a trade off for us…super hot with shorter lines or better weather and loooong lines.

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Florida in August is like going to the Sun. However - most things honestly are either inside, you move around and get the breeze - so take lots of deodorant and have fun! The lines are usually shorter and the rain does clear out some of the less adventurous. Have fun.

we usually go the last week of august and the closer you get to (but not the weekend of) labor day the lower the crowds. we are going the third week this year and I still expect the crowds to be manageable. besides… since we all plan what we are doing… we always do better than ‘them’ :slight_smile: