Disney Hopper Question

We plan on taking a 3 to 4 hour break each day except at AK. As an example if we do MK in the AM and then head to Hollywood in the evening if they still have FastPass available for Fantasmic would it be worth it to drive to HS at noon and get the fast passes then drive back to hotel?

If you finish all three of your original MK FP+, you should be able to book your 4th FP+ for Fantasmic from the FP kiosk at MK before you leave. Someone jump in here and correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, I heard somewhere that they would be rolling out the ability to make your 4th FP+ from the My Disney Experience mobile app soon, but don’t know the date.

Unfortunately you can only book 4th FP’s at kiosks IN the park you want to book at. So to book Fantasmic as a 4th you’d have to be at HS unfortunately. At least that’s the current system - if booking via the app becomes available, who knows what the rules will be, but my guess is they’ll force you to be in the park still given that’s easy to do with location services on a phone.

Is it worth the trip over? Hard to say. If only one of you goes, it probably is. Mid-day buses won’t be too busy and a break from the family may be a welcome respite for whoever makes the trek so that will be a break to some extent. We always do Fantasmic via the Dinner Plan so it’s hard for me to judge if you really need the FP vs. walk up and it likely depends on time of year heavily too.

I’d probably do it, but I also wouldn’t take the whole family to get the FP either.


You definitely cannot currently book a FP for a different park than you are in on the current system. They are rumoring booking a 4th fpp by phone but as already mentioned, no one knows those rules.

I would personally say it’s not worth going over just for the FP. You wouldn’t be able to know until you do all the travelling whether it would be available or not and I don’t personally think a FP for F! is worth it. It doesn’t guarantee you a seat and it only lets you in minutes before the main line. There isn’t a bad seat in the stadium so I wouldn’t bother.

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This was going to be my suggestion, so long as you are staying on property.

Isn’t there an availability-checking capacity to touringplans and/or lines?

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Yes, it’s what I was planning to use to check availability before making the trek.


Be careful! The TP app shows availability for one and a quick check in MDE has shown it it not always dependable. (I have logged in and MDE has FPs at different times some times earlier, sometimes hour later than posted)

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You can check the Lines App and see what is currently available and decide if it is worth the extra trip.If you are going to be at rope drop you might be better off booking your FastPass+ reservations for your 2nd park.

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Probably not; the amount of time you you would lose in the drive to HS/parking/etc may negate any time savings later. Plus, no guarantee any FPP will be left for Fantasmic by the time you get to HS.

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