Disney Halloween Party

We are thinking of buying tickets to the 8/20 Halloween party. We’ve never been before. Is it worth the price? Do you think it will be really crowded? It is the second party of the season. It sounds really fun, but I’m not sure what to expect. Disney is my favorite place, but we only manage to go about every 5 years, so we want to make great use of our time this trip.

If you want my opinion, it is the only one I and my wife enjoyed. I am a big Halloween fan though. You can do it up right by wearing a costume. It quite the site if you like Halloween. Have fun! You will love it!:japanese_goblin:

We like the MNSSHP and will be going the following week. The Tuesday parties are typically less crowded. I think you should try it if you have never gone and your next chance might be in five years

Thanks! Do you think it is worth seeing Hallowishes and regular wishes on another night?


You book MNSSHP in advance. It will show up on you MDE. It will also be on your Magic Band. When you get to MK you must get a wrist band to stay and ride. CM’s are around to check you Magic Band and issue you a wrist band. Make sure to make it to the Haunted Mansion to talk to the ghost on the lawn. What fun with the mist surrounding her and the spooky colors. :ghost:

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We went about 4 years ago. Was a Tuesday night party in September. Least crowded I’ve ever seen MK. Don’t know how the August one would be. At the end of the night we split up. DD and I rode 7D 4 times in a row. DS and DH did Space 3 times in a row. We absolutely loved it. Favorite Disney memory for the whole family.

Just to pile on with another positive opinion: I went for the first time last year and thought the parade was absolutely terrific. The ambiance was fun (even on a a rainy day) and was pretty neat to have the opportunity to see so many unusual meets and greets and the extras on Pirates, Haunted Mansion and Space.

Also, I think Hallowishes is my 2nd favorite fireworks show after HEA. Was very fun.

Definitely worth it imo. Great ambiance throughout the park, lots of trick-o-treat spots for candy and some fun photo ops too!

Thanks! This sounds like it will be great evening!

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