Disney Goer Tries to Plan for Universal

Plus, Hagrid’s is delayed half the time at park open.

A visitor posted on Lines this morning that they waited 3 hours and 20 minutes to ride it.

Current expected wait: 90 minutes.


Duly noted. Will wait on Hagrid’s and try to knock some stuff out before. I will probably follow your schedule as a starting point.

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We will do VC using child swap. I guess I was under the impression it would be very tight to get everything done I’m 1.5 days, hence the need to use EPA. Maybe I’m wrong?

Depends what “everything” includes.

When I went in December, I used EPA for VC and then Forbidden Journey and Hippogriff. All three were walk-ons because everyone mindlessly trudges to Hagrid. After breakfast at Three Broomsticks, we did a tour of the lake to knock out Kong, Spider-Man and Hulk, before heading back to the lunchtime lull at Hagrid. This plan worked flawlessly.


The problem is that most rides aren’t open during EPA.


bebe80 already answered this, but yes, they’ve since changed their policies. Sorry to mislead.

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This is great information for us newbies. What other things do experienced Universal visitors do before they go? I’m 50 days out. I’ve got my plans made, dinner reservations are made, got lanyards for EP’s, got a small backpack, and booked a ride from the airport to the HRH. I feel like going to Disney requires so much more planning and the lack of planning for UOR is sort of weird.


Very weird! I feel so unprepared, lol. This group is supremely helpful.

Dumb question…how did you make dinner reservations? Can it be done online?

Take a look at the maps to get a feel for the parks. And which attractions (at least the big ones) are at which park.

Also know where a few of the better QS restaurants are.

But you may already know these things if you have touring plans made up!


Yeah I did it all online. I made reservations for Toothsome and Mythos. Also did Ragland Road at Disney Springs.


See reservation links on this page: Universal Orlando.

I didn’t read the other responses but that is how much time we had on our one trip to UOR. You actually have a couple more hours than we did. If I were you I’d follow the older child’s lead and try to accomplish what they want. My trip was in 2019 so things have changed, but a lot of the basic rides are the same. With the express passes you should be able to do a lot of things, but I wasn’t in charge of a child as young as your younger one then so I don’t know what that is like. There are some really gorgeous kids areas that aren’t the most popular places, such as the Cat in the Hat area, which are worth spending some time in when you want to not be in crowded Harry Potter land. Things like that might be a big hit with the baby with all the bright colors and sounds. One of our favorite things was getting the special wands and doing spells.

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