Disney gift certificates

I recently cancelled my WDW trip for 9/28-10/2. I had purchased three $500 gift cards of which I now have no use for. Anyone have any ideas how or where one could sell these at a slight discount? I have no intention of going in the next few years and it’s lot of money wasted in my small wallet at the moment.

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There’s lots of sites out there that buy gift cards. Unfortunately, they take more than a slight discount. The one I checked was paying 76% of the value. There’s just so much gift card fraud that they have to discount enough to account for the risk.

Your best bet is probably to find someone you know who will trust you that is planning a trip.

That’s the issue.

I’d heard of raise.com before doing this, but it appears they no longer accept selling Disney gift cards (presumably due to fraud).

The good news is that the gift cards should never expire, so you can also just hold onto them until you eventually DO go, even if it is 3 years from now.

I sell gift cards on eBay. They tend to go for almost full value.

Example - If I have a $25 GC, it’ll typically sell for $20 - if I “include” free shipping w/ tracking. (which does cost about $3 for a first class parcel w/ tracking)

So that means I’ll get $18 out of the original $25

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Which is 72% of the value. You also have to be careful on ebay. Scammers will pay you, cash out the gift card, then file a claim with ebay saying you sent them nothing or a card with no value.

It can happen anywhere that sells physical gift cards. Ideally the transaction should be electronic so the site handling it knows the value is real.

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As long as you have postal tracking on the card, eBay will rule in the seller’s favor. (I know from experience)

When using eBay you have to send a psychical card. eBay does not allow you to send a “code only”

I will add that I don’t buy gift cards. These tend to be something I’ve won in a raffle or have been given as presents so my “profit” is a bit more. Just a few cents for the auction fees and $2 - $3 to ship.

(I never understand why people don’t just give cash? It’s like, “Here’s money, but you can only spend it where I think you should!” :crazy_face:)


I will give you $450 for it if you are interested in a private transaction. I can send you money with PayPal or Venmo.


Because giving cash can come across as, “I didn’t put any thought whatsoever into what you may or may not like, so I’m just giving you money.” It’s the whole “thought that counts” philosophy.


Right, there’s at least some thought, and it doesn’t go as far as actually picking out an item that they either already have or is close but not quite right. I appreciate getting a gift card and being forced to use it at a specific place, because then what I use it for does feel like a gift, whereas with cash, I’m not disciplined enough to actually designate it for a gift but just add it to my wallet as normal spending money.

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Sadly though people tend to give me gift cards to places that I don’t like or live anywhere near. (I live in a small suburb about 20+ minutes from Memphis, so I have to “drive into the Big City” to use the card.)

Also… I was just trying to be funny - hence the “wacky” emoji. :sunglasses::grinning:


I run into this problem a lot. My attempts at “trying” to be funny often…well…miss the mark! :smiley:


Unfortunately, I agree with that. I’ve even given cash. But, when I do I’ve said something about what I tried to buy. Within the family, we call the ‘green gift cards’

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That’s good to know, but definitely bad for a buyer who could get scammed.

This makes me sad. I almost posted an offer to buy some at 85%. I’d even written the post out, saying that I’d have offered a higher percentage, but our trip was recently postponed to Jan 2022. But, before I hit submit I thought, “Am I willing to bet that much money that we will be able to travel to Disney then?” And I clicked on Cancel. I am certain enough that we’ll go, that I am proceeding with the planning, but not enough to put up more than a $200 deposit. .

I could buy one $500 card at 85%. It wouldn’t be THAT much more than the $200 I was thinking of. I understand if you want to find a higher %.

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This was a Seinfeld episode. Jerry gave elaine $182 after putting a lot of thought into it

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It helps that I have 100% positive feedback on nearly 1000 transactions. I always check out the sellers before buying anything on eBay. So when I items like these up for sale, ppl can check that I’m a reliable seller.


Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like eBay may be the way to go with eBay backing the seller. Scams have ruined this for most people. I’d be nervous myself buying from someone I didn’t know. If I advertise “I am an honest and truthful person” that should work lol.

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Just take photos of the serial numbers (don’t post them - just for your records!) and if you have the receipts that’s a big help. Post enough pics & info about the cards - without giving the critical info - so that there’s no doubt. And you MUST make sure you have tracking info on the item when shipped. (USPS / FedEx / UPS - whichever yo use!)