Disney Gift Cards?

I plan of getting gift cards for the kids so they can keep a budget. Any place I can get them in $100 amounts? Also can they use them at Disney Springs, prior to check in at the Resort?

We are going to have our boys order them from disneygiftcards.com this year. They can pick from a ton of different cards. I usually get them at Walgreens though. They usually have the ones that can be set to any dollar amount up to $500 (I think, I have never hit the upper limit).

Target has them - I think I’ve seen them in $100 denominations too. Do you have a Target RedCard? If so you get 5% off :slight_smile:

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Target sells $100 cards. If you use your Redcard you can buy them for $95. There are a few threads here that discuss how save more using discount stacking. You can use disneygiftcard.com to combine values of multiple cards onto one up to $1000.

I know that all the Disney owned, and many non-Disney owned, stores and restaurants in Disney Springs will accept gift cards.

What’s nice with Target too is that, if you don’t have one convenient to you, you can order them online and they will ship you the gift cards for free.

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I get prescriptions filled at my Target…I remember when they sent the 5% off total purchase coupons out every 5th prescription filled, it was so nice because it could be combined with the redcard savings, so 10% off. But they no longer do that as they changed to CVS pharmacies. :unamused:

I buy mine from Target and use my RedCard to save 5% they usually have $50 and $100 ones but you can load them onto your gift cards however you like I use www.disneygiftcard.com/manage to load all mine onto one to make it easier to keep track of on my trips!

Best Buy also had some that you could load a variable amount for if you needed a larger amount. If you’re paying full price, it’s fun to order from disneygiftcard.com and get some cute designs. I’ve been using our Jedi Mickey for a couple trips already and just put more funds on it.

We do not have a target around but what we do is go to the local grocery store that offers points which can be used towards money off for gas. Here in Kansas, there is Dillons, which currently offers 2Xs the points, so for every $100 in cards bought we get $0.20 off a gallon of gas with a limit of 35 gallons, and up to $1.00 off a gallon. There are times where they will offer a better deal that is 4Xs the points so if you spend $250 on cards, you get $1.00 off a gallon, so that is $35 discount.
I used to live in Pennsylvania, first in a city on the east side and then one on the west side of the state. The east side had a grocery store called Giant, and the west was Giant Eagle (they are almost the same but you couldn’t use the discount card from one to the other) and they did the same thing with 2 differences, you could only get 30 gallons of gas but you could end up getting the gas for ZERO money if you got your discount to be the cost of the gas. I had bought $1500 in gift cards when they offered the extra bonus points and had $6.00 off a gallon, I ended up filling up 2 times, and used gas cans to get the 30 gallons, and that $180 savings, which was much higher then any I could get from Target. This is something some people don’t think of because you don’t see the discount right away, but if you look at it this way, Target - $1500 would equal a savings of $75, where the same $1500 would equal $6.00 off gas at 30 gallons (if gas is $2,00 a gallon, you would be able to get 30 gallons 3 times) but it still comes out to $6.00 times 30 = $180 savings. Just a thought and a way to save more money towards Disney.

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Target stacking no longer works. There is a new policy in place that you can’t purchase Disney GC with Target GC online. You can still get the flat 5% red card discount as of right now.

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I might but one I like then just for fun!