Disney Gift Card

I have a sort of strange question. I have two Disney e-gift cards that I bought with Disney Visa rewards a couple years ago. They have a QR code and gift card number, but not the pin number that you need to use online or to consolidate. Can I go to a Disney store and use my e-gift cards to buy a plastic gift card with a pin number? It will be such a pain to try to keep the printout dry at Disney World. I would also love to consolidate online so I don’t have to carry a bunch of smaller gift cards. Thanks!

I tried to do a little digging. Not the final word on the subject, but it sounds like if your eGift card does NOT have a PIN number, you cannot convert them (as you found). I couldn’t find evidence of being able to buy gift cards with eGift cards. I found at least one indication that you CANNOT buy DIsney gift cards with gift cards in any form.

I would make sure I use those gift cards first. Then you don’t have to worry about keeping them dry for long. A snack size plastic baggy would keep them dry, and won’t take up any space.

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I don’t have any advice when it comes to consolidating or buying more convenient gift cards, but have you ever considered putting a small print out with all the required info in a plastic bag? I use Ziploc‘s for everything when I travel. It won’t help with the number of cards you have to manage, but it will at least keep them compact, together and dry.

I’m enough of a nerd that I have actually own a small laminator. If you have one or know someone who does, that’s an alternative to a Ziploc.

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