Disney FuelRod (Portable Charger). Anyone Try It?

Wondering if there is any feedback regarding the Disney FuelRods. It sounds like a great concept but maybe we’re better off purchasing our own power bank?


This might help

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I used one the last time I was at WDW. I purchased it before I left, so it wasn’t as expensive ($20) online as opposed to $30 there. I liked it for the parks. It was small enough to fit in my pocket, it came with the cord and adapters for all phone types (my other phone banks do not have that convenience). I never even had to swap it out because it kept my phone charged so well. Now, for outside the parks, this wouldn’t be my first choice because it doesn’t hold enough charge as some of my others do. But I loved being able to keep it in my pocket and use it whenever I needed in the parks. We went completely bag free this last time, and it was awesome. I loved the convenience of being able to swap it out for a fully charged on also, although I never even had to do that. I also have another brand that is the same size that the charge doesn’t last as long. If you are looking for a smaller charger just to carry around at the parks, I would do it! I’m so glad we did.

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I was following this thread (Disney fuel rods) and ended up buying a MONOPRICE charger. It holds a LOT of energy, and we were able to charge iPads, phones, you name it. You can charge a phone more than once, and while it’s not as small and cute as the FuelRod, it costs very little (we paid $27.83 with tax and shipping for TWO of them) and doesn’t need to be changed out at one of the few locations available at WDW… just charged nightly.

We read that it takes a while to make the initial charge, so we bought two, and never had an issue.

ONE THING I would recommend if staying on site is to bring a surge protection strip with LOTS of plugs. There aren’t a lot of plugs in the room, and if you have a bunch of people (especially teens) with devices in one room, you will really appreciate a “charging station” that everyone can share. Either that, or you’ll be charging in the bathroom… not very safe.

Check out the thread for locations for the Fuel Rod exchange in all of the parks, and let me know if you have any questions that I can help with on my end.

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