Disney fuel rods


Has anybody done this. I know I have seen this on chat but that was a couple of weeks ago. Thinking of gifts for hubby for our trip and thought this might be just perrfect. His phone does not hold a charge too well. I have an awesome trent. But it takes 24 hours(at keast that is what it seems lime) to recharge once depleted. Also it is a bit heavy.

Thoughts. Opinions.

I don’t have that specific one from Disney, but I do have one I bought before my last trip. It was a life saver. Between taking pictures and checking the Disney app on my phone, my battery would easily get depleted half way through the day. I won’t go to the park without it now.

We also have one we bring on our trips - got a two pack at Costco, the brand is TYLT, and it was $25 for two! They charge fast and our iPhones can usually get at least 2 charges from a fully charged one.
Looks like they’re on sale right now too - through tonight only!


Thanks @haylekk and @BeckyCostello. Like I said I have a great charger. I was thinking of the Disney one as he could get fully charged ones to exchange during the day.

Is Disney still doing this??

I’m not sure but the $30 cost seems pricey to me for what you get in the end.

It might be. I agree. But the ability to have a fully charged battery in the parks might be worth it.

I know this group is the beat. Which is why i can ask these things here. All I need may be the trent that i have. But I am looking forward to possibilities.

I bought one directly from their website www.fuel-rod.com. It’s $20 on their site, then you can swap it out in the parks (or even at airports). I have many other portable batteries but this is the one I use at the park because it is small and you can swap it out as many times as you need to without having to worry about charging it.


This is a great tip to buy it ahead of time. I understand that it would be swapable in any typical fuel rod location. But, has it been confirmed that you can swap them at Disney. Seems like a prime opportunity for some exclusivity of sorts that you could only recharge the Disney ones at WDW. Probably not. I just don’t want to spend $20 and then have to spend another $30 when I find out otherwise.

I contacted the company and can confirm through their response, that “no matter where you purchase it and once you own a FuelRod, you can swap at any kiosk any location worldwide”. I have seen many forums where people have done this. I will be going in 11 days and I can confirm when I get there, but I have their written response so I feel good about it.

Definitely seems convenient to be able to swap it out and there are quite a few kiosks at Disney! However, many reviews I have read state that this doesn’t fully charge your phone, so you might be needing to swap out often. Some of the cheaper ones that get charged overnight can charge your phone multiple times in one day.

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What a great thread! I looked into it on their site http://www.fuel-rod.com/ and from watching a few videos on youtube.

It seems MK has more stations, but yes, they are at the four parks. Unsure if there is a swap out station at Disney Springs, so if anyone hears about it, let me know.

Buying it ahead of time will definitely save you money - $10 a unit… that’s pin money!

You can swap out (or buy new) the Fuel Rods at the following locations:
MK - Space Mountain gift shop (Tomorrowland Light & Power co.), Big Top Souvenirs, Pecos Bill’s, and Curtain Call Collectibles

EP - Disney Traders (World Showcase Entrance)

DHS - Celebrity 5 & 10

AK - Island Mercantile

Hope that helps!
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I have bought two of these and they charge my HTC or the kids kindles three to four times, takes about 8 hours to recharge. When I last checked they were only like $12.


Any update on fuel rods? Are the kiosks still in the parks. Kerryogie - did you use swap them at disney and was it a good experience?