Disney for nine days

Help is needed, I am prepared to vacation on my own - however my husband says its out of the question. |I live in Britain and he is worried about me travelling as a single. He has agreed to come next year with me but I am trying to find a balance of parks and rides that will compromise for us both.
Does anyone have any ideas how to make it a fun vacation for us both.

What does he like? There are a variety of other activities to do, and we do not spend all of our time in parks. There is golf, mini golf, fishing, horseback riding, nice pools, fantastic restaurants. Make a plan where not every day is in the parks, if that isn’t his thing. There are many other ways to have a great vacation in the area.

My DH hates theme parks but goes because the kids and I love them! We compromise by having a pool day every other day and if we do happen to have two park days in a row we don’t RD both days and they are shorter days as well. This works well to keep DH and I happy and our family is more relaxed and rested as well.

I was very “anti-Disney” until a business conference at the Coronado in my 30’s where my wife “converted” me. I would find out more specifically, what does he dislike about theme parks (lines?, junky food?, thrill rides?) and work around that. Not high prices; you’re not going to avoid those.

Any of us who have been to Disney more than a few times, know there are many ways to tour and appreciate “the World”. I hope you can pick and choose a visit that will give him what he wants in a vacation even at WDW.

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We split up and meet for meals, and that works well. If he wants to sleep in or hang out by the pool while you have more park time, making a lunch or dinner ADR to meet gives some edges to your solo time. My husband isn’t a morning person, so I get up early and rope drop parks with our boys, and then dad sleeps in and meets us for brunch or lunch. Then we continue on together after lunch. I’m sure the same sort of trade off could happen in reverse - spend the morning together in the parks, eat lunch, and then send him back to the resort for pool time while you carry on.

There are also a lot of activities that you could schedule just for him or for you to do together. Other activities might mix it up a bit. If he’s ok on his own, you could do attractions while he’s distracted. Some ideas… Golfing, dining with an Imagineer or Animal keeper, fishing, behind the scenes tour of Living with the Land.

This might help too.


Do you have children? is it the first trip?

My DW didn’t want to go the first time, our children were 5 and 7 then, we even had a problem with her passport at the airport which was resolved at the last minute which enabled us to go. I said it would be a once in a lifetime trip.

I’m now under pressure from the day we get back, to book the next trip (from the UK) this year will be our 8th once in a life time trip to Disney.

If you have children hang it all and organize it like it for them only and he’ll have to fit in. :slight_smile: