Disney for 2

Hello all my wife and i have planned our 20 anniversary to be in Disney may of 2018. Wasn’t sure what we were going to do
(cruise, fly to an island ect…) so, because our son graduates college in Pensacola Fl. we decided Disney Yay!
My plan is 2 nights on the beach in Pensacola- graduation- then drive to Orlando stay at MCO airport overnight Disney transports us to PO Riverside in the a.m. and start our 1 week vaca.
we don’t feel like we have to hurry (like when taking kids) wake up run to the park of the day ect… instead we have the deluxe dinner plan and we are for the most part early risers go for breakfast maybe hang at a pool hit parks and dinner later .
of course not everyday like this but
What do you think?

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Sounds lovely! With the deluxe plan will you be doing some signature meals?

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary (may, 2018) all year this year - starting with 17 days from now for a week at Disney!

We are also celebrating sending our last child to college!

We have lots of different things planned - lots of eating, although we do not have Deluxe Dining, that would be awesome! I recommend doing lots of signature meals and lots of good food and drinks. We are checking out bars of the World, doing Dine in the Sky, Star Wars Dessert Party and other food and wine events. Without events, I would take it slow and let the food rule my days.

I also love the Disney Water Parks, and we will be spending at least one day there.


not sure but probably so

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Virtually all of my trips are “adult only” trips with a strong emphasis on eating :slight_smile: That being said, if you are interested in rides, and more than just your FPPs, getting to the parks at RD, touring for 3 or 4 hours, and then having your “relaxing” time mid-day, when the parks are the most crowded (and the temps are the hottest).

Although you’ve probably already figured this out, the drive from Pensacola to Orlando is 7-8 hours, depending on traffic and how many stops you make along the way. I know this because I live in Pensacola (and I got a Masters at UWF). You also have to take into account the time change (P’cola is Central time), so if you left P’cola at noon, you wouldn’t be getting into Orlando until 8-9 PM (my “usual” is to leave my house around 5:00 AM and pull into WDW between 1:00 and 2:00…


That sounds like the perfect plan! Definitely eat at some signature restaurants, especially Tiffins at AK.

My six trips to the World have always been a party of two adults. Sounds good to me - especially the DxDP. Happy soon to be 20th!

DH and I had a magical “just us” long weekend last September <3 It will be lovely. congrats on 20 years!

yes most definitely

may spend two at the waterparks wife loves them

thank you for the info we will leaving after graduation around 3pm spending the night in Orlando airport starting vaca next morning

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