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I ordered a welcome basket for my wife’s 40th from Disney Floral & Gifts. Since the closure, their website just has a closed message, voice mail says no one is monitoring, and email returns an automatic reply saying no one is monitoring.

Thank you for contacting Disney Floral and Gifts.

While the Walt Disney World theme parks and Resort hotels are temporarily closed, we are not monitoring email at this time. Please continue to check our website for additional updates.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience during this time.

We’ll see you real soon,

Disney Floral & Gifts

Just very vague on how they will respond to this.

Anyone have a similar experience or any tips on how to contact to request a refund?

Of course they will refund you. :roll_eyes:

They are not in the office now and so they cannot process that now.

When they return to operations, I am 100% certain you will be refunded.


OB… I would hope so, but if it was a given, why not state that? Or here’s an idea… Monitor emails, im not in my office either, but you wouldn’t know it. I don’t know why they wouldn’t provide a little more clarity or peace of mind… But do truly hope you are right. Will just wait, I can also go the credit card dispute route I guess if nothing happens.

I see your frustration, I totally do. I think that a lot of this occurred very rapidly and without time to plan and put these kinds of contingencies in place.

They are a VERY good service - I have used them a few times myself - and they will not let you down.

Thank you OB, I do cautiously feel better hearing your thoughts on them. As with most during this time, patience is key. Will let them get reopened and look at it again then.


When staff are on furlough there are very strict rules around it. They will not be allowed to check emails, alter website posts etc. They may even be totally locked out of the systems. Departments like this will have no one working at all.


To be honest I was not impressed the one and only time I used them.

We ordered a cake for my DS 21st birthday which was arrival day (from the U.K.). So knowing that they would not place it in the room before arrival, I was told to ask at the front desk upon arrival, who would contact them to deliver it. That was at 7pm.

At the front desk of Bay Lake the CM made the call there and then, and was told it would be about 1-2 hrs. We took our stuff to the room and left; went over to the Contemporary first and then back to the lobby and up to Top of the World Lounge. Managed to stay there until the fireworks and then a little longer, and went back to the room exhausted at around 10:30pm. Nothing.

I went downstairs and asked again, while the boys got ready to crash. We had the champagne we’d got in the UK duty free and went to bed. Finally at almost midnight thee was a knock on the door. Here was the cake. DS didn’t stir, so the cake got put in the fridge.

Bit of a damp squib, especially given they’d told us it would be delivered to the room while we were out, and we’d given them twice as long as they’d said.

The cake was fine, but I don’t like cake from the fridge generally. We should have had it that evening with the champagne. :slightly_frowning_face:

I wouldn’t recommend them, purely because of the poor service.

Wow that’s nuts! :disappointed: